Product Placement in Moroccan Famous Artists Youtube Videos: the Connection between Darija and the Increase in Sales Volumes of Daily Use Products

Product placement as it is known in Western society has been a thing for Moroccan culture since the boom of influencers recently arrived to the country. This paper analyses the uses of product placement, the goods announced and the values they are linked to. We will deepen on the connection between Darija and the increase in sales volumes of, mainly, daily use products but also other goods of lesser importance for the Moroccan consumer. As a tendency to be analysed, and it being the main aim of this paper, we will try to explain the reason of the success of product placement in famous artists’ videos and its connection to the uses of Darija and the reasons for its use in some specific cases.


Nombre Adscripcion Procedencia
Omar Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Contratado predoctoral España
Ismael Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Undergraduate student España