Inner Geographies as Holistic Intelligence: the Interpretation of our Worlds through Inclusive ways of Feeling and Knowing.

To explore how we interpret our worlds (those without and within) and what describe these engagements, this paper draws on my doctoral research on the psycho-spatial phenomenon of the inner geographies . Aimed at an inclusive understanding of being-in-the-world within our zeitgeist, it attempts to address inequalities in societal thinking attributed to lingering Cartesian prejudices. To do so, the paper conveys the ‘comradeship of intellect and intuition’ (Radhakrishnan and Moore, 1957) by emphasizing the emotional and spiritual intelligence of bodymind-soul.      Bridging processes of philosophy and communication through interdisciplinary inferences and interrelated scientific and humanistic knowledges, it presents a poetic-aesthetic perspective of our inner sensibilities, which suggests the ontological and epistemological value of the inner geographies as holistic intelligence through ways of feeling and knowing. Philosophically-based on phenomenological and metaphysical assumptions, the qualitative research employs a subjective ontology and an interpretivist epistemology as means to both navigate and communicate conceptual, theoretical, and empirical evidence.    Conceptually linking lived encounters with affective involvements, the essences of awareness, atmospheres, and imagination form the theoretical leitmotif framed by inner-sensory perception within the socio-spatial temporal condition of our current context. These frameworks establish the basis for empirical research that engages a sample group of interlocutors in Barcelona, ​​Spain through fieldwork, which uses narrative and creative methods within an emotively-orientated sensory methodology. As such, the theoretical and empirical methodological investigations of the phenomenon afford access to realms of holistic intelligence through the affective relationship between individuals and our worlds.      The results thereof uncover that the interconnectedness of awareness, atmospheres, and imagination is a ‘way of feeling and knowing’ integrally related to individuals’ ‘significant encounters’, which coalesce in an entanglement of existential nuances. Residing at the subtle convergence of situatedness and mindfulness necessary for human well-being, it reveals the potential of the inner geographies to actively guide individuals in all phases of life.    Hence, the research illustrates the merit of the phenomenon in enlightening our understanding of the intimate nature of humanity today, suggests perspectives and opportunities to relearn and reconnect with inherent knowledges, and proposes innovative strategies to philosophise, communicate, and educate 21st-century society on including ways of feeling and knowing – in order to enhance engagement with multiple intelligences in contemporary everyday life.

Keywords: bodymind-soul, inner sensibilities, intuition-intellect, poetic-aesthetic, well-being


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Mizan Rambhoros Senior Lecturer: Department of Architectural Technology and Interior Design, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa. Doctoral (PhD) research: Departament d’Humanitats, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain. South Africa