Darija and Its Use in Advertising in Morocco: a Journey through Recent History

Advertising in Morocco has been always linked to its particular recent history. The country was under French control and Spanish rule -in the North-, and it is remarkable the influence the colonial times has had in the advertising sector for a long period of time, even until the late twentieth century. This paper will deal with how advertising developed in Morocco after the total independence of European powers and until our days. Nevertheless, we will stress the existing relationship between European and Moroccan advertising companies and the rule adopted in 2003 regarding media and the communication sector that boosted its growth and therefore its advertising capability. There will be an analysis of the uses of Darija in Moroccan advertising, through history, and its importance as a national language.

Key words: linguistics, advertising, Moroccan society, Moroccan history, media in Morocco


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Omar Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Contratado predoctoral España
Ismael Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Undergraduate student España