Branded Content of Moroccan Mobile Operator and Media Companies: Discovering the Uses of Darija and French in Branding and Brand Management through Digital Communication

For the purpose of this paper we will introduce a brief approach to Moroccan mobile and media operator companies’ situation in the country. The different use of languages in Morocco such as Darija and French is also to be analysed in the context of digital communication. The main aim of this paper is to examine the proactive engagement these companies have with society through their participatory advertising campaigns and how this results in increasing the already existing interest for digital communication in Moroccan society. It is remarkable the use of social advertising initiatives based on different communication media (Internet, media, publications, events, etc.) which ends with a big engaged community that demands companies a big collaborative system of inclusion in their advertising discourse.


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Omar Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Contratado predoctoral España
Ismael Salem Ould García Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Undergraduate student España