Social media and political alienation. Alienation and single thought

This paper wants to discuss the political dimension of the human being, and what means the good and the devil, for the XXI century polices of communication.

From… the Aristotelian Man, that is not only a philosophical abstraction, but also a citizen; Aristotle’s thought builds a bridge between two dimensions of human being, the philosophy of existence and political philosophy.

To… the utilitarian ethics of Jeremy Bentham and Stuart Mill, assumes that «not only any action of a private individual, but all the Government measures» must improve the well-being and reduce suffering. Far away the primacy of duty (eudainomia) from Aristotle, he based morality of action on benefits back to their subject and/or in the principle of less suffering caused to the «other».

And crossing… the XIX century when Feuerbach and Marx focused the debate about the concept of alienation on the religion issue.

To… Lukács’ understanding alienation as a historical loss of totality that we can already find on the historical trajectory of institutions of social life, creating a “second nature” were the individual person can´t find the world meaning.

To…Marcuse: The possibility to recognize that utopia on a good sense, the unity of the global representation of the word with the citizen consciousness, postulates the opposed possibility, the full alienation of the individual person, manipulated by a global power, economic, political and ideological. The concept of double negation employed by Marcuse is a critical response to negation of personal freedom by an oppressive/repressive socio/economic system and to the development of individual-critical consciousness.

When analyzes the concept of alienation we don’t want obliterate the ontological issue and the philosophical contribution of existentialism, as a plural literary-philosophical phenomenon crossing two centuries. The core of this study is not the fundamental debate about the “meaning of being”_ the paradoxical presence of God, from Kieergard, the challenge of nihilism, “God is dead,” from Nietzsche, the “Dasein,” (“being that we ourselves are”),  from Heidegger, “the existentialism is a new humanism,” from Sartre…

This paper wants focus the philosophical debate, about the question of political alienation, in the XXI century philosophical practices and ethical practices, what means discuss the key question: Alienation and single thought. What are the hidden philosopheme of single thought? Alienation on the discourse of social media, multimedia and cybernetic communication, why and how are diffusedKeywords: Alienation. Single thoughts. Media. Political Philosophy. Ethics


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António dos Santos Queirós University of Lisbon. CFUL Centre of Philosophy of University of Lisbon Portugal